Why us?

In Spiritual Counselling, the emphasis is on wholeness, dealing with the whole person, and assisting the client in inner balance and integration of all the dimensions of Self.


To empower you to understand what you truly desire and want in your life.


We empower you to take the required steps and strategies to achieve what you want.


We enlighten you with the necessary knowledge to fill your spiritual cup.

About Tarannum Yogesh Dobriyal

Tarannum has Masters in Industrial & Organizational Psychology, with over 20 yrs. of partnering with multinational companies, Public Sector and Non-Profit Organizations to build stronger, motivated & inspired teams.

She has Founded the Company called Enlightenment®.

She has created Enlightenment Psychic Workshops to Enable Individuals to Develop and Enhance their Intuitive and Psychic abilities. She has been conducting enlightenment workshops over two decades at an Individual and Corporate level Globally. 

She is an Author of “Professional Women’s Guide to getting promoted. She has a Flagship workshop Called “warrior woman”.

She is an Influencer on Linkedin and has also been instrumental in being the 1st to host Linkedin locals in Mumbai with a Mission to empower Businesses learning with 4 P’s – Productivity, Passion, Prosperity, and peace.



She is an author of “Professional Women’s Guide to getting promoted. She has a Flagship workshop Called “warrior woman”.

With a Mission to Empower and Shift Lives through balancing the Logical and the creative brain. She is now also an Expert Facilitator School of awakening.

Book A Session With TARA

In a Psychic Healing Consultation, Tarannum uses her Psychic gift and Meditations to help you align with your Soul’s journey and purpose.

She will assist you in cultivating self-strength to bring hope and love to your past and present. This helps you to see the possibility to create the life you’re truly meant to live.

These sessions help can help you bring clarity and direction and connect to your deepest desires while clearing your emotional hurts, blocks, recurrent patterns, and limiting Self-beliefs.


What clients say

Neela Gohil:

The workshop was well structured, with context about money mindset, beliefs and fears and then moving into powerful clearing processes. I could feel my body and energy gradually shifting through each, Thank you for a wonderful session.

Chandrashekhar Sangwar

The session was full of learning. I accept that I was able to de-clutter lot of negative bondages and hindrances during session and came out as a free soul post session.

Ishita Todi

It was a huge surprise and unlike anything I've attended. I was expecting some basic tips and techniques by the look of the workbook. The powerful clearings just blew me off. Holding the space and lovingly facilitating the shifts in energy. Brilliant.

Reita Keswani

The workshop was interesting and I liked her process and thinking. However, I felt it could have been communicated in a more mature way.

Shabnam Haifi

Tarannum is amazing she makes learning fun and interesting she has lots of patience she is my true spirit guide.

Sajjan Agarwal:

Very empowering, powerful and impactful programme. Got energized to a higher level. Feeling more confident and assured of my demand from the universe.

Alfred John:

Awesome session with Tarannum. Cleared lots of baggage.

Debanjan Bhadury

Felt a lot shifting in my body which made me feel lighter and happier.

Shamim Surani

I learned Amazing processes and have faith that I will win lottery in two days