About Tarannum

Tarannum Yogesh Dobriyal is an Author, Speaker, Intuitive Coach, Mindfulness Master and a powerful voice in the arena of energy healing, mindfulness and awakening consciousness. Tarannum has acquired a Master’s degree in Psychology with over two decades of experience in empowering and shifting lives.

She is also certified as a Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) master practitioner, TimeLine and Hypnotherapy Master practitioner.

She has invested over 20 years of research in the field of parapsychology.

Tarannum is the Founder of Enlightenment®, Tarannum has impacted over 2 Lakhs lives globally through her teachings, intuitive counseling & coaching sessions and Path to Enlightenment training programs.

Destiny Soul Cleansing

Benefits of Destiny Soul Cleansing Program Brighton

  • 01 Aura cleansing
  • 02 Heal your Soul
  • 03 Balance your Chakras
  • 04 Understand things from a Metaphysical point of view
  • 05 Connect and Communicate with your Spirit guide
  • 06 Manifest intentions
  • 07 Telepathically connect and resolve issues
  • 08 Shift your Mindset
  • 09 Clearing Past Life patterns and Mapping the current

Why Should You Join?

The Destiny Soul Cleansing Program (DSC) is designed to take people through a journey of developing and enhancing their intuitive abilities and utilizing their higher consciousness. Each level is designed to make a lasting impact on the individual and they can use the skills long after the course is over.

Through the Destiny Soul series, we can learn how to understand spiritual vibrations and how to create our own unique blueprint by changing anything we dislike.

You will also learn how to become the master of our own existence. It is through the Soul Destiny journey that you can discover the subtle nature of your individual reality, your career, relationships, environment, and lifestyle. This is how it is being expressed.


Program Benefits

Benefits of Destiny Soul Cleansing Program

Energy Cleansing

Purge your soul of the baggage that you would have accumulated over the years.

Mindset Shift

Create a paradigm shift in your thought process. Create a new reality and a shift at the soul level.

Self Awareness

Become aware of how you speak and think about yourself.


The process of becoming detached entails letting go of both of attachments to the result as well as attachments to the process.

Embracing Change

Accept change as an inevitable part of life. Change depends on how you perceive it.

Multiple Perspectives

Become non- critical or non-judgmental, simply see the good in everything.

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