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All you need to know about Ancestral Healing

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Ancestral healing is the process of going back in time to our family’s timeline and accessing lessons and healing that were unavailable to them in their present moment.  

However, before we begin, there are a few things we need to understand.

It is important to remember that linear time is a human construct.

Quantum physics is increasing our awareness of the multidimensionality and nonlinearity of energy.  

Any memory we have exists only in the present moment in our minds.

In the present moment, the physical experience is not happening.

In our minds, we create everything we want in the future.  

In Ancestral Healing, we are healing the energy of our ancestors in the present moment. Therefore, it affects our current experience.  

“Going back” in time allows us to be present in that place in the timeline and heal it as if we were present in the past when the wound occurred.

Consequently, as you heal your ancestors, the healing spreads throughout the generations of that ancestor.  

You are doing work to heal the collective.

You may never really know how far the healing reaches on a conscious level.  

Is your mind blown yet?  

Good…because the mind is fundamentally limited by itself.

It is a set of programs that cannot experience anything, it can only attempt to understand what an experience might be.  

Go Deep Into Your Heart Center

In order to fully experience something, you have to go deeper into your heart center.

This is where your soul, your higher consciousness, and your divine connection to the source is found.   

The mind is like the hard drive of a computer; it can only access the information that has been put there.

The heart center is like a connection to WIFI.  

If I try to use my computer without being connected to the Internet, it seems pretty useless.  

It would be like living in your mind, completely limited to what is installed, and not being able to Google any inspired information or access higher consciousness.  

I invite you to be in this place while you read this article, allowing any thoughts that the mind may try to grasp to be acknowledged and to go deeper and check-in at your heart center with what is valuable enough to engage your focus

Top 5 Reasons Why Ancestral Healing is Important Work

1. Ancestral Wounds are holding us back from stepping into our best life.  

Our families have had wounds since they were created, and those before us weren’t ready or able to heal them.  

We realize that it can be healed because we are at the highest level of consciousness in our families and the first ones capable of healing it.   

The wounds endured by our ancestors affected their lives and their decisions throughout their lives.

We are at a point in history and in our own evolution that allows us to let go of the wound and the burden it brings.  

We can bring light and awareness to those wounds and choose to release, heal, and overcome them.  We gain more freedom and more choice in our lives when we heal these deep wounds.

2. When you heal an ancestral wound, it heals your current life and also clears it for your ancestors and for your kids.  

Since you healed the wound at the point when it was created, you are releasing the karmic debt from your entire lineage.  

As a mom, there is nothing that I would not do to help provide my children with as many resources as possible to ensure their happiness and freedom.

3. If it is coming into your conscious awareness to heal ancestral wounds, it is a part of your purpose.  

It is up to you whether you want to fulfill that aspect of your purpose, but many of us in this current generation is here to do that work, to clear the old energy of our families in order to make space for the rise of a new level of awareness.  

It is coming to our conscious awareness that this work can be done because we are the highest level of consciousness in our families, and we are the first to have this ability.