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Awakening The Intuition

Nowadays, the light on the physical plane has become more intense, allowing us to more easily hear the voice of Spirit within our hearts and minds. Even for those who have strayed from a spiritual path, it is now easier than ever to return. All that is required is a desire to come back and an openness to pay attention to that inner knowing which may have been disregarded in the past.

Intuition is an inner knowing that can be accessed through silence and inspiration from a higher level. It is distinct from the intuition we use to understand someone, as it is the voice of understanding from the soul which brings Divine truth, light, and wisdom. Asking and waiting are key components of accessing this higher intuition.It is the voice of understanding that translates messages from the level of the soul where Divine truth, light, and wisdom can be heard.

Many people feel a large divide between human intuition and higher intuition, making it harder to listen to the messages from the soul. To bridge this gap, one must be open-minded and trusting of their own abilities to understand. Building trust is essential for connecting with our inner wisdom.

We all possess an innate capacity for intuition, which lies dormant within us until we turn to it, like a flower turning to the sun. To allow this power to blossom and grow, we can start by simply being open to discovering more truth, light and wisdom in our own lives and those of our loved ones. Furthermore, we can pray for any obstacles that may be blocking our perception of this truth to be removed.

open, one must be willing to accept and trust what is heard or sensed. Those who are open to receiving information from a higher source and who act on it with courage do not fear being wrong or different; instead, they embrace the possibility of change that comes with living a life based on inner knowing.Those wishing to access their inner knowing must first have the desire for contact with higher truth and be open to receiving it. However, there are those who dismiss what their intuition tells them out of fear – fear of being wrong, different or needing to make changes in their lives due to this knowledge. To ensure that the doors stay open for intuitive perception, one must accept and trust what they hear or sense without allowing these fears to take over. Those brave enough to act upon this information without hesitation will find themselves embracing any potential changes that come from living according to this inner knowing.

In order to trust, we must be open to reevaluating how we have lived our lives and recognizing that mistakes may have been made in the past concerning who or what to trust. We must also remember that we possess the capacity to feel more deeply and sense more, allowing us to flow with life and make changes when necessary. Trust is not a simple matter; it requires us to be willing to receive from another level of our being as well as believe in ourselves.

In order to build trust, we must be willing to look back on our lives and acknowledge any errors we may have made in the past when it comes to trusting others or certain situations. Additionally, we need to understand that we are capable of feeling more deeply and sensing more than ever before, which can help us adjust as life progresses. Trust is not a straightforward concept; it requires us to tap into a deeper part of ourselves and have faith in our own abilities.

We must open ourselves to the light within in order to fully engage in both the collective life of humanity and our own lives. This is essential for us as humans, so that we can begin to tackle the problems and challenges we face. Without access to our intuitive sense, we are at the mercy of public opinion instead of truth. The time has come for us to awaken our inner senses and become the light-filled beings we were meant to be.

We can start by praying or meditating, then move into a time of quiet and openness to allow ourselves to become channels of truth and light. Though the recognition of our intuition may not come right away, it will eventually come and life rejoices when someone who has strayed from their spiritual self begins to journey back.