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How To Get Rid Of Bad Energy: Soul Cleansing Process Explained

We are constantly surrounded by energy that can significantly affect our moods and well-being daily.

No matter what circumstances arise, “bad vibes” are a feeling many people resonate with (despite being difficult to scientifically or medically pinpoint). You may find yourself disconcerted when you walk into a room. When interacting with a negative person, you may feel depressed as well. There’s also a possibility that you are the one who feels off for no apparent reason, and you are seeking a way to lighten up physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Here are some suggestions below to eliminate toxic energy.

  1. Separate Yourself From Other’s Energy

In order to avoid situations that may trigger negative feelings either internally or in the presence of others, establishing healthy boundaries is critically important. The right thing to do is to kindly say “no” to that person, that event, or that favor if it’s not in alignment with your current energy.

It’s not just about avoiding other people’s negative vibes, but you can also set energetic boundaries within yourself. “Think about what feelings are yours, and what do you take on in order totos, or simply from being human and being influenced by others?”  Let go of everything that doesn’t belong to you.

  • Take A Bath

Water is an excellent cleansing agent that can be incorporated into self-care practices that promote restorative healing. Bathing is a good method to cleanse stagnant energy.

The aura is purified, your spirit is rejuvenated, and you are re-nourished with this wonderful practice. Adding some essential oils such as eucalyptus, cedarwood, lavender, as well as sea salt, and Epsom salt helps to calm the mind, body, and spirit.

Let the worries and negativity drain off as you bathe. Think of what energy you need to release as you relax.

  • Meditate To Balance Your Chakra’s

Visualize these wheels of energy along your spine. At the base of the spine is the red root chakra; the orange sacral chakra is in the pelvic region; the yellow solar plexus chakra is in the stomach region (right over the belly button); the green heart chakra is in the center of the chest; the blue throat chakra is in the throat region; the indigo third-eye chakra is above the crown, and the white crown chakra is right above the crown.

Let your mind wander to each of these different color placements, and then allow your breath to expand the energy within each one. Getting to know your chakras will allow you to determine where your negative emotions come from.

It is possible to use crystals that correspond to your chakras here. During visualization, for instance, holding a red gemstone such as jasper, ruby, vanadinite, garnet, or rubella can facilitate chakra-balancing benefits by facilitating the release of negative energy.

  • Practice Mindfulness All Day Long!

When dealing with heavy feelings and thoughts, smaller breaks are effective as well as sitting on your meditation pillow. As you go about your daily routine, pause to feel your feet connecting to the ground, or even place your hand on your belly, and take three deep breaths.

As you engage in mindfulness, you can release negative thoughts by focusing fully on the present moment, a moment in which the anxieties or worries of the future (or even five minutes from the present moment) are absent.

  • Go Out Into Nature Whenever You Can

Taking advantage of the Earth’s vast healing capacities (and letting it support you) can be deeply restorative. The presence of negative ions in nature helps us to create positive energy, contrary to the name that they have. Taking a forest bath has grown in popularity and is a great way to gain a sense of groundedness, center yourself, and release the fight-or-flight response. However, you don’t need to make it complicated. You can often shift your energy with a simple stroll down a peaceful tree-lined street.

It is also recommended that you spend some time in or near the ocean. It’s easy to bring your energy into equilibrium when you’re swimming in the ocean or simply listening to the sound of the waves, or you can breathe in the salty air and listen to the sound of the waves.

It is also beneficial to get Vitamin D from the sun to relieve stress and center yourself.

  • Practice Visualization To Channel A More Positive Energy

Imagine yourself protected and surrounded by a beautiful warm light that contains the wisdom, sweetness, and love that the universe has to offer. Imagine every cell in your body being bathed in this light. Visualize it surrounding you. Then send the higher vibration out to any person, place, or situation that could use it.

Alternatively, you can also imagine yourself having a healing energy coursing through you and flowing along your spine. Your body parts might start to feel warm or tingly. Perhaps you can see some colors. This is simply an indication that energy is shifting and releasing.

The use of crystals as part of a visualization can also be beneficial.


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