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7 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want -- Including Money | HuffPost Latest  News

Some people have an easier time manifesting than others. I am going to teach you how to manifest faster with these techniques if you fall into the latter category (I know I do sometimes). When these techniques become habits, manifestation becomes effortless.

To manifest something fast, you must be crystal clear about what you want, and then you must align your belief system with your desire by clearing any blocks you have about if it is possible for you. In order for your manifestation to take place, you must shift your energy and clear your physical space. After that, you must be ready to receive your desire.

Waiting for what you want to happen can be very challenging, especially if you’ve been trying to manifest something for a while. A part of us is like the spoiled girl in Willy Wonka, screaming that we want a golden goose NOW!

Although the universe has its own divine timing, you can take steps to make sure that you are ready for the amazing things it has in store for you. Sometimes we think we’re ready to manifest something before we are, but it takes a bit of work to get to the finish line.

The following tips will help you manifest whatever you desire quickly since we’re clearing any blocks and preparing the space for it. You can use them to manifest just about anything faster.

1. Know What You Really Want

In a capitalist society, we are constantly told that “you need this to be happy.”.

To be happy, buy this product, inject that, oh wait, throw that away and buy this instead, be more like this, that is what happiness is, that is what love is, success looks like this, don’t be too much, don’t be too little.

To reach that coveted state of happiness, we are bombarded with things we should have, be, and do.

When there are so many targets we have to hit, how can we manifest anything? It’s no wonder that it’s so difficult to manifest the thing that feels right to us.

Discovering what you really want in life, what is aligned with your highest good, will help you manifest things faster.

By getting in touch with your intuition, you can discover what you really want. Your intuition is guided by your higher self, which does not follow trends and marketing. It is your ego that is driven by the whims of the world because it wants to fit in, but it is your higher self that knows what is truly best for you.

Knowing what you want also involves defining your values. Values tell you what is important and what is not. Being a good person is more important than being trendy to be accepted by others.

As you learn to distinguish between what the world wants for you and what you really want, you send a clearer signal to the universe. As a result, the universe knows exactly what ideas and opportunities to send you in order to co-create your desire.

2. Align Your Belief System

To attract or create what you desire, you must align your beliefs with your desires.

If you don’t believe you can have it, you will prevent yourself from getting it.

Even if you want a loving relationship, if you don’t believe you’re worthy of it, you won’t attract it. You may attract a relationship, but it might turn out to be with the wrong person and be very toxic.

You can want more money (we all do), but if you believe that people with money are bad, making money is hard, wanting money makes you greedy, etc, then you will create your own barriers against attracting more money.

If you don’t believe you’re worthy, someone could offer you all the money in the world and you wouldn’t take it or you would only self-sabotage and lose it all.

Our actions are determined by our beliefs (we’ll discuss actions soon).

I was so excited about college when I started high school that I took extra classes during the summer so I could graduate a year early. I dreamt of having an amazing career and making a name for myself. Over the next three years, however, I was told very often that “if you don’t know how to do X, you won’t make it in college” and “if you don’t know how to do Y, you will fail college.”

After being warned constantly that I might fail college, I eventually came to believe that failing was a certainty, and I didn’t go to college until several years after high school. Once I started taking classes at my community college, I did well, but part of me still believed I would fail, so I wouldn’t let myself choose a major.

Despite the beautiful dreams I had about my future in high school, none of them came true because I didn’t believe in myself.

You won’t be able to manifest the things you really want if you choose the wrong belief system because you won’t take the steps necessary to co-create with the universe.

You will manifest things much more quickly if you change your belief system and remove those mental blocks.

Consider what you want and ask yourself if there are any fears or resistance to it. Ask yourself, “why am I not allowed to have this?” and “what am I afraid of if I do have it?”.”””

Ask yourself “why do I feel/believe this” until you think you’ve gotten to the root of your limiting belief.

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3. Make a Vision Board

With a vision board, you can express what you want in the physical world without actually having to have those things.

Your conscious and subconscious minds are reminded of what you want to manifest with vision boards. Your brain is always absorbing information, so every time you see your vision board, a signal is sent to you to create and/or receive it.

Vision boards can be made yearly or quarterly. You should leave up a few things you have already manifested to remind yourself that manifestation works and those future manifestations will come faster.

4. Take Action

It’s not a magic genie who will grant your wish, it’s a co-creator! It’s working with you to make your dreams come true.

You show the Universe that you are serious about this desire when you take action.

You’ll just attract more waiting if you sit around waiting for it to fall into your lap.

I’ve waited and it didn’t work!

Waiting is also a choice. It sometimes feels like everything is out of our control and we have no other choice but to wait for another path to appear, but sometimes we have to create our own.

It counts to do internal work as well. Having the courage to work on myself was the first step to finding my purpose from being lost and stuck. As a result of this form of action, I learned, looked inwards, and shifted my beliefs.

As a result, ideas flowed to me that I could act on externally.

Whatever action you feel prompted to take, take it!

Taking action, even if it’s a small step, will expedite your manifestation.

The first thing I did when I decided to start this website was to do some research. Each week, I assigned myself a task. As long as I committed to doing one thing a week that would move me forward, I didn’t have too high expectations.

That does not mean you cannot take a big leap, if you feel called to do so, go for it!

You should just do something.

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5. Send Your Order to the Universe

Just like Amazon, you can order from the Universe.

The act of writing down a desire reinforces it to your subconscious, telling it to look for ways to make it a reality.

The manifestation order form is used to write out your desire, then you put it away (sending it to the Universe) and trust that it is already yours.

If you order something online, you don’t call them every day to see if they are completing your order, you trust them to send it to you.

When you ask the Universe for something, adopt this attitude. What you want to manifest comes to you even faster when you truly release control.

Watch for prompts from the Universe to take action! The Universe, of course, wants you to be a co-creator!


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