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Key to Being in the Moment

Being in the moment means you are mindful of the present moment and enjoying it completely without
any distractions. When you live in the moment, there are no regrets about the past and no expectations or
worries about the future. You can change things that happen right now but cannot change moments in the
past or future. Your present is the only moment you have control over. So there is no use in worrying
about what has already happened or what’s going to happen.

How often do you think about what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow? Do these
feelings make you feel happy or content? Generally, thinking about the past or future tends to increase our
stress and anxiety and make us unhappy. But being in the moment makes you content and joyful.

How to Live in the Present Moment?

1.Focus on the Moment

The easiest way to focus on the moment is to pay complete attention to the task you are currently doing.
Avoid multitasking. When you focus your attention on one task, you tend to be more productive.
Whenever you feel your mind wandering or your fingers itching to touch your phone, stop your direction
of thoughts. Take a deep breath and turn your focus back on the task at hand.

Savor every moment of life. When you are drinking a cup of coffee, pay attention to the taste and feel of
the coffee. Don’t let your mind wander here and there. This type of focus will make a big difference in the
way you live. How often do you notice things around you? If you are someone who lives in the moment,
you will have a good idea about your surroundings.

2.Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness meditation is another way to live in the moment. Mindfulness meditation helps
you to become aware and increase your concentration on what you’re doing at any given time. There are
many methods to practice mindfulness. The simplest method is to sit in a calm and quiet place with your
eyes closed and focus on your breath. Don’t get caught in the thoughts that flitter in and out of your mind.
Try practicing this method for a few minutes each day. With practice, you will find it easier to improve
your focus and be in the moment.

3.Be Grateful for the things you have in your life

Thankfulness for the things you have in your life right now is one of the keys to being in the moment. Be
thankful for your job, for friends that make you smile, and for the roof over your head. Don’t focus on the
things you have lost or failed to achieve or things you plan to achieve. It can make you stressed and

4.Accept things as they are

You can’t control everything that’s happening around you. You can only accept what’s happening and
react to it with a positive mindset. In fact, accepting what’s happening is the opposite of denial or
avoidance. Your regrets or wishful thinking can only make things difficult for you and fill you with worry
and anxiety.

5.Don’t worry, be happy

Worrying cannot change what has happened or what’s going to happen. Every second you spend
worrying about the future is a second wasted. Worrying takes you out of the present and takes you to the
past or future, moments that are out of your control. If your present circumstance is worrying, don’t be
stressed out about it. Instead, focus on the way to make the present moment better.

Your life is ultimately a collection of moments. You have no way of knowing the number of moments
you are going to experience in your life. So make sure you enjoy each and every moment!