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Stock Market

The stock market is always based on the moon energy and hence it is emotional wellbeing of a country. Recently I watched a show on Netflix called the exchange and it intrigued me, how woman anywhere in the world are paving their way in the financial sector.

Money is intuitive and, in this show, they were showcasing how intuitive feelings can help people judge which stock to buy, the perspective is that will logic win or does intuition play a role in stock purchase.

Intuition can be an important factor in making decisions about money, as it can help to identify potential risks and opportunities. Intuition can help to identify trends in the market and potential investments, as well as helping to identify when to buy and sell. Intuition can also help to identify potential sources of income, such as starting a business, and can help to identify potential areas of financial risk. Ultimately, intuition can be a valuable tool in helping to make sound financial decisions.

There is some evidence to suggest that money can have a positive impact on self-esteem. Studies have found that people with higher incomes are more likely to report higher levels of self-esteem than those with lower incomes. Additionally, having access to financial resources can provide people with a greater sense of security and control, which can lead to higher self-esteem. However, it is important to note that money is not the only factor that contributes to self-esteem, and other aspects of life such as relationships, hobbies, and career can also have an impact.

My Stock Market Predictions for the next few months.

My reading for this month about the stock market will see a super flux this year February and March will see growth, April to June its will see a slump and July 28th to august 16th will see a new high’s. the last quarter will see bold moves by top companies. A few changes will be seen in the year end of how ppl are investing, people will help MSME’s Grow.

Psychic Numerology reading:

If you are a Number 1 according to Numerology, this is an okay year for investing. Make time to study financial investment strategies and hone new skills to develop your market reading accuracies.

If you are a No 2 : Make sure you are not putting all your eggs in one basket, also plan ahead for 3 months in advance to avoid losses in your stock portfolio. This is a volatile year, yet you will come out stronger then ever.

If you are no 3 : make sure that you exit the dead stocks and put your investments in properties, if possible. Also make sure that you do not gamble with the money that you have, its not a year for taking risks.

If you are no 4: Make sure you have a ready fund to invest as this year you will see growth and progress in your portfolio, make sure that you keep track of your stock investments each and every day.

If you are no 5: Few months are going to give you gains in stocks and those months are April to June. So make sure all your investments happen during this time. Also note that the other months can be down time, yet don’t fret about it you will recover. PLAY SAFE this year.

If you are no 6: this is the year when you can gamble and take risks, but make sure you do it within your own means and not take loans and gamble. If you have funds that you can play with, it will be worth the risk.

If you are no 7: make sure you meditate each morning before you start your financial journey and make sure this is not a Financially daring investment and keep your vision to what you want and you will achieve that by August this year 2023.

If you are a No 8: Keep your Financial journey this year focused. Make sure you are in the process of safe investment’s. It could be a very volatile year for you, the good month is during dec. so before that if you have had investments keep yourself strong.

If you are No. 9 : Make sure this year you make a Home run, your portfolio looks good, you need to cash in and make hay while the sun shine’s. The gods will bless your stocks this year. Please take care of your mind that you don’t loose it, as you will see some amazing funds coming in.

Hope and love for all, may the creator bless you all with abundance.

With Stock Issues like Adani India please make sure that you keep your mental equilibrium, this will come back to a stable state soon. Sending energies to all those who have lost funds that you will recover by the month of August. Wishes and good luck.