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All negative experiences begin in consciousness. The mind perceives an experience as falling short of expectations when it does not meet some psychological or emotional need. Hence, a negative experience can be regarded as a poor interpretation of the situation. There is no absolute sense of good or bad in any experience. A positive or unfavorable evaluation is only a result of your subjective and constructed interpretation of the event.

It is essential that you clear negative energy from your system to achieve holistic wellbeing.

So, here are 10 tips to remove your negative energies in 2022.

  1. Stop Whining and Cribbing

Keep track of how often you complain each day. Once you do that, you’ll realize that your complaints and whining were unnecessary. As you whine about what is annoying you, you gain more attention to what is upsetting you, and then you whine some more. Rather than complaining and cribbing, focus on the solution.

2. Salting and Smudging

To get rid of negative vibes, you can also use certain unconventional approaches. Place salt in each corner of your room for 48 hours. Salt is believed to absorb negative energy. Throw away the salt after 48 hours. Also, you can smudge with a sage smudge stick to bring about positivity. In the absence of sage smudge sticks, you can burn a quality incense stick instead.

3. Connect With Nature

Keeping the windows open is vital if you usually keep them closed. Consider adding more plants around your house for enhanced vitality and positivity. Make sure you remove dead or dying plants as soon as possible.

4. Engage in Pranayama Exercises

A powerful method of removing negative energy from your body and mind is Yogic breathing. Several classical yogic breathing exercises can be effective in mobilizing and flushing out negative energy blockages, but two, in particular, Bhastrika and Kapalabhati, are particularly helpful in this regard.

.Bhastrika Breathing– It is believed that Bhastrika Breathing exhales an invigorating breath that incinerates the negativity accumulated in our bodies.

Kapalbhati Breathing– It is possible to expel the negative charge from your body by using Kapalabhati Breathing.

5. Become Complaint-Free

Complaining fuels a perpetual motion cycle of negative energy. Negative emotions make us complain more, pay more attention to things that make us feel uncomfortable, and so we complain again. Grumbling and griping are never-ending.

Committing to being complaint-free for a day or two or even a week will dramatically reduce the amount of free-floating negativity you harbor. Complaining feeds negativity, so stopping complaining will starve it.

6. Smile Often 

Smiles may seem like mere sentimental or aesthetic activities, but there is true magic in them. Smiles are contagious, and there is no such thing as a smile that is only localized in the face. Smiling releases a cocktail of neuropeptides that fight stress, lower blood pressure and make you feel happier. It isn’t possible to maintain a negative outlook with these effects. Watch a chronically negative person. You won’t see them beaming often. In fact, they probably frown, scowl, or glare, not smile. 

It is often your joy that causes your smile, but it is also your smile that causes your joy.

7. Move Your Body 

Negative energy loves inertia and lethargy. A negative mindset sucking you down into oblivion is like a black hole collapsing in on itself. Moving your body is a sure way out of the downward spiral. Vibrantly moving your body helps purge negativity from your system through yoga asanas such as Sun Salutations, or opt for a brisk walk or run.

8. Set Your Intent

Do you want to clear specific energy? Inviting new energy? Cleaning your home? Take ten deep breaths, breathing in your intention and breathing out your negative thoughts, while sitting cross-legged on the floor or in a favorite chair.

9. Light Your Intent

Choose a burning element. Make sure you have a burning element handy, whether it is incense, candles, Palo Santo sticks, or sage cones. Waft your fiery element in each of the four cardinal directions-north, south, east, and west. Say aloud: “To the north, the east, the south, and the west, I send out positive vibes and positive intentions. This is my intention right now.”

10.  Make A Mantra

Recite a mantra as you cleanse your space. You could say: “Thank you, Universe, for your wisdom and guidance as I welcome in the abundant and positive energies I desire to enter my space.”


Tarannum Yogesh Dobriyal